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(the) Republic Of Retail is a unique, custom-built digital platform using technology to connect Canada’s Retail and Wholesale communities in a way that makes sense for our evolving industry.

As former Vendors to the Gift Ware, Home and Lifestyle Accessory market, we understand the challenges today’s Retailers face. In a fast-paced and incredibly competitive marketplace finding and/or discovering fresh products, just in time to keep shelves full, customers engaged and inventory turning has never been more important. Downward pressure on margins, time and resources mean Retailers are required to do more with less.

We also know first-hand, the unique challenges Canadian and Canada-friendly Vendors face when trying to effectively reach Retailers in a country sporting only a handful of major markets with vast geographical distances between them. Road Reps carry more lines than ever before and supporting their existing Retail accounts, seriously limits their ability to reach-out to the potential new Retailers for whom their product lines may be the perfect fit.

The internet should and can provide the perfect opportunity to bring Canada’s Retailers and Vendors closer together, but with the majority of Canada’s Vendors distributing or representing brands that originate from the U.S., dominating Google search results, the 96% of Canadian Retailers who use the internet to find popular brands and the Canadian contacts, often abandon their searches in frustration.
Canadian Manufacturers and “Makers” don’t fare any better. This leaves business on the table for Retailer and Vendor alike.

(the) Republic Of Retail is stacking the “digital” deck in favour of Canada’s Retailers and the Vendors working hard to bring them their very best.

The foundation of (the) Republic is our Ultimate Buyer’s Guide, the industry’s only Trade resource of its kind. A single, Canada-centric, on-line destination where Canada’s busy Retailers can simply sign-in to find and discover, both popular as well as unique New and Best-Selling Brands or products, Promotional Offers and Opportunity Buys with a direct connection to the Canadian and Canada-friendly Vendors Listing their products in the “Guide”.

At (the) Republic Of Retail, we view ourselves as an industry “work horse” providing today’s Retailers and Vendors with new tools to connect and drive their respective businesses on a daily basis. While we have created an exciting product showcase, we support Trade Shows for the tactile experience they provide. We support field Reps for the important relationships they foster and our Trade publications for keeping Canada’s Retailers informed and excited. As in most things, we are better together!

Whatever the future holds for our industry, we invite you to be a part of that future by joining (the) Republic Of Retail, today.

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