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Large or small, Manufacturer, Distributor, Sales Agency or Artisanal “Maker”, running a successful wholesale operation in Canada has its unique challenges. Not the least of which is reaching potential new customers, at a time when 96% of Canada’s Retailers have changed their purchasing practices and now include use of the internet to research and source fresh products. It’s convenient, cost-effective and finding or discovering fresh products through (the) Republic Of Retail and its Ultimate Buyer’s Guide saves time and frustration.

Listing select New and Best-Selling Brands/Products, Promotional Offers and Opportunity Buys in the Ultimate Buyer’s Guide is the perfect way to introduce your Company and Products to potential NEW Retailers who, for one reason or another, your team has been unable to reach through more traditional means. Use the “Guide” as a cost-effective way to fortify your current business development and marketing activities to maximize results.

We apply 80% of our resources to engaging Canada’s Retailing community, through a variety of inbound and outbound Marketing and Advertising programs, Social Media, Special Promotions and of course, the industry’s broadest assortment of great products Listed by our Vendor Members.

Our custom-built digital platform is designed to match Retailers with the Canadian and Canada-friendly Vendors who carry the types of products they seek. This means that Retailers who view your Listings, click through to your website or connect via e-mail are interested in your products and want to learn more with an eye to making a purchase. This relationship and business becomes yours to manage.

Access to the “Guide” is restricted to qualified Retailers only. To get a sense of the Retailer experience, please take our brief video Tour by clicking on the image below:

We offer tiered Membership Levels to suit every business and budget. Click here for more details and pricing.

If you’re looking for the industry’s newest, most affordable, low-maintenance and effective way to increase your company profile and grow your customer-base, join (the) Republic Of Retail today!

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